Marketing Service for College Athletes

Autograph Signing Programs for Elite Athletes

How your signature can directly connect you to fans

For die-hard sports fans, nothing is more exciting than getting a signature and special message from their favorite players. The Maguire Law Firm’s platform makes responding to the autograph requests you receive as simple as “sign and return.”

Sign Your Way to Financial Security

Overall, sports memorabilia is a $370 billion market, but for years, college athletes could never benefit financially. In fact, NCAA football players like Todd Gurley and Johnny Manziel were both suspended for earning a few hundred dollars for autographing a handful of collectibles.

As name, image and likeness laws continue to evolve, the Maguire Law Firm helps college athletes find those opportunities that will turn your John Hancock into the Benjamins you deserve. We’ll collaborate with for-profit memorabilia brokers to ensure you’re adequately compensated for signed items before they go to market and go to bat for you if they abuse the partnership you’ve developed.

When a multi-billion industry is built around athletes, it’s only fair you get a piece of the action! Contact the legal and marketing team at the Maguire Law Firm for more information on changes in the sports memorabilia and collectible market.