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Marketing Service for College Athletes

Kids’ Sports Camps, Youth Lessons, and Skill Training Videos

Share your skills with up-and-coming players and earn money for college

Why not use your talents to make money while inspiring the next generation of elite athletes?

Hosting a kids’ sports camp, offering private lessons in your college community or home town, or creating skill training videos are great ways to maximize your value and your bottom line. Plus, they help you build essential business skills, including marketing, logistics and negotiation, you can use after graduation.

Your Partner in Planning Kids’ Sports Clinics and Lessons

Planning a structured training program is a big undertaking with everything else you have going on in your life. To help you focus on the big picture—creating training opportunities that engage, encourage and elevate young players—the Maguire Law Firm can manage the logistical and legal aspects of training.

Our services for youth sports camp and training programs include:

Skills Training Videos for Youth Starring You

Skill training videos are a value-added benefit to a camp or a time-saving alternative to a traditional clinic or lesson. The Maguire Law Firm works with our clients to share your skills with young players anywhere in the world through online video channels, digital apps and websites.

Our legal team will oversee contract negotiations to ensure you’re paid fairly for your participation in any skill training video. If you’re developing your own skill training video program, we’ll connect you to a reputable production company that can bring your vision to life and a build a marketing plan that gets in front of the eyes of thousands of fans.

Learn more about your sports training opportunities by contacting the Maguire Law Firm today.