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Catastrophic Injury Insurance for High School and College Athletes

Don’t let an injury hold you back from the future you deserve

An injury on or off the field can change your life forever, stealing away your position on your team, your scholarship and even your entire college career.

The time to plan for the unexpected is now, especially if you’re an elite high school student shooting for signing day or a college athlete currently on scholarship. The Maguire Law Firm works directly with insurance companies to find the best rates on supplemental student athlete insurance that not only covers medical bills, but also the cost of college in the event you get hurt or sick.

Why Supplemental Student Athlete Insurance is Needed

Just as every college is different, the insurance plans they offer their athletes vary as well. While some schools provide medical and dental coverage for players, others may pay just for medical expenses not covered by their parents’ insurance plans. The NCAA does offer catastrophic insurance, but only if the injury happens during official team activities or games—and the student pays the first $90,000 in out-of-pocket expenses.

But none of these plans protect an athlete’s scholarship or future earnings in the event of a career-ending injury, such as a concussion or cracked vertebrae. The setback is especially devastating for students from low-income backgrounds who lack the financial means to continue their college education.

Our team understands the devastation an injury can inflict on an athlete physically, emotionally and financially, and strives to protect you from the moment recruitment begins to the day you graduate from college. We’ll research supplemental insurance plans that cover medical bills due to a sport-related injury as well as those expenses outside a hospital’s walls, including living expenses, education costs and short-term disability needs. From there, we’ll help you choose a plan with monthly payments that fit your family’s budget.

Protecting Athletes When Their Schools Don’t

In a four-year study by the CDC, college athletes experienced 1,053,370 injuries over that time period, ranging from sprained ankles to concussions. With more than 460,000 students competing in NCAA sports programs each year, there’s a good chance you may face any injury sometime in your college career. For those injuries that require more than rest and ice, it’s important to have a supplemental catastrophic injury insurance plan in place if your scholarship is in jeopardy. Don’t wait until it’s too late—contact the Maguire Law Firm today to learn about your insurance options.