Marketing Service for College Athletes

How name, image, likeness laws are on your side in the gaming world

It’s been more than six years since gamers had a new college sports video game in their hands. And for good reason—for years, game manufacturers and the NCAA violated antitrust and publicity laws by depicting athletes’ identities and physical attributes in the virtual world without paying them a dime.

Video game companies are anticipating a new generation of college sports games. And for the first time, college athletes have the opportunity to benefit financially instead of having to battle in court for their share.

Digital Rights Management to Compensate College Athletes

As an elite athlete, your avatar in any video game is yours, and under federal law, you must be compensated before the “digital you” ever shoots a basket or makes a run for the end zone. If you have an opportunity to appear in an NCAA basketball or football video game, the Maguire Law Firm will represent you and ensure that:

The Maguire Law Firm’s marketing team can also help manage your promotional opportunities, social media accounts, and personal appearances on behalf of the game developer. Once the game is on the market, we will also keep an eye out for “end-around” practices—the intentional behind-the-scenes programming by video game companies that have allowed gamers to edit names and characteristics and manufacturers to evade licensing fees.

The Changing World of Digital Licensing and How to Benefit From It

The main focus of digital avatar licensing is the video game market. However, emerging technology and evolving legislation will open a new world of online and virtual reality opportunities for college athletes.

As a marketing team at the forefront of digital licensing, the Maguire Law Firm can identify new digital opportunities for you the moment the laws change and help you take advantage of them.

There’s a big digital world out there, and video games are just the beginning! To learn more about digital avatar licensing and the laws behind them, contact the Maguire Law Firm today.