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Get paid for using, wearing and promoting the brands you love

Professional athletes are known just as much for the brands they promote as they are for their achievements on the field or court. And soon, elite athletes at the college level will have their shot at the same opportunities! After years of watching your school profit from multi-million-dollar deals with apparel companies, it’s finally your turn to benefit from commercial partnerships. Changes in NCAA guidelines mean players will no longer have to turn down endorsement contracts that could provide greater financial security during your college years and beyond. The Maguire Law Firm can help you pursue, evaluate and secure endorsement deals that give you access to free products and services and pay you when you promote them through traditional media or on your social media accounts. Endorsements mean more than just receiving a free pair of running shoes—the opportunities to benefit financially from your brand are more diverse than ever before. For example, we will work with you to:
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Secure Your Piece of the Jersey and Sportswear Market

You deserve royalties every time an item is purchased which contains your name or identity.

The Maguire Law Firm is your partner in all joint licensing negotiations. We will help you retain legal ownership of your name, image and likeness, and go to work to ensure you are compensated. For colleges and their players, it’s a win-win situation. It costs the university absolutely nothing, but pays off big for elite athletes.

Don’t let someone else profit off your identity without getting yours! Contact the Maguire Law Firm today, and let us develop an endorsement and merchandise sales strategy geared toward you.