Legal ServiceS for College Athletes

Athlete Advising - NIL 101

An athlete’s awareness of their value and understanding of their role in endorsement deals are the foundation to any successful NIL strategy. Dustin works with his clients, and their families, to develop an individualized NIL strategy both during the college selection process and an athlete’s college career.

Schedule a consultation with an NIL attorney.


Hire an attorney to represent you in your NIL deal. Do NOT enter a legal relationship with a company without having someone in your corner.

With the help of an NIL attorney, an athlete should know exactly:

What they are committing themselves to by signing a contract;

What rights they have under the contract, and specifically what rights they have if their season is cancelled or shortened, or if they are injured or otherwise unable to perform;

What compensation, and other benefits, they are entitled to under the terms of the contract.

Contract Drafting

If you have an NIL deal, no matter how small, get it in writing. Dustin drafts contracts on behalf of his clients to protect them in NIL deals.

Don’t hope the company that has hired you will pay you; Legally bind them to pay you pursuant to the terms of your contract.

Don’t look back with regret on the NIL deal signed during your freshman year. A properly drafted NIL contract should set a clear, definitive period of time for the athlete’s commitment to the company.

Trust Accounting

With new NIL rights and opportunities will come many new responsibilities for college athletes, including paying taxes. We provide athletes and their families with professional trust accounting services for:

  • Tax Preparation
  • Budgeting
  • Academic Incentivizing

Our clients are provided with 24/7 access to their account information and monthly statements reflecting their trust account balance and account activity. Clients who wish to share account information with family members are able to add verified users to their client accounts.