Marketing Service for College Athletes

Social Media Marketing for College Athletes

Monetize your online influence and grow your fan base

If you want to see best practices in social media at work, look no further than your favorite professional athletes. By engaging with followers and letting their sense of humor shine through, many of today’s pro’s have become as big of stars online as they are on the court or field—even among non-sports fans.

When fans come running to a social media account, so do the advertisers. More than two-thirds of retailers rely on influencer marketing via social media to market their products, and the majority spend up to 10 percent of their communications budget to partner with brand advocates. For socially-savvy college athletes, something as simple as wearing free clothing on Instagram can pay off big.

Your Personal Social Media Management Team

Profitable endorsements start with a great social media presence. But as your online popularity grows, especially if you use multiple platforms, managing it can turn into a full-time job when your days are filled with school and your sport.

The social marketing team at the Maguire Law Firm can help handle the more time-consuming aspects of social media so you can focus on what’s fun about it—connecting with followers and spotlighting the topics you care about. Our team will work one-on-one with you to help you:

Helping You Become a Brand Ambassador and Social Media Influencer

Social media influencers get the chance to connect with brands in exciting new ways, whether that’s invites to exclusive product launches, wearing the latest products or getting exposure to an emerging fan base. Best of all, they get paid to do it all!

With recent changes in the law, college players like you now have the same opportunities as professional athletes. The Maguire Law Firm can help connect you with advertisers whose influencer marketing campaigns best align with your personal brand and negotiate contracts that get their products in your hands and money in your pocket. Possible opportunities include:

The Maguire Law Firm ensures you’re in complete compliance with every aspect of a campaign, including the disclosure of your relationships with the companies you promote. Just as important, we’ll monitor the use of your partners to ensure they’re following guidelines as well to protect your brand.

With 49 percent of consumers depending on product recommendations from influencers, companies will continue to allocate their marketing budget to social media stars, especially in the sports world. By sharing your story, inspiring your fans and promoting your favorite brands, you can make bank in between practices. Learn how Maguire Law Firm can help you take advantage of social media today.