Marketing Service for College Athletes

Why NCAA Athletes Should Be Paid

Protect your rights of publicity as a high school or college player

When former UCLA player Ed O’Bannon sued the NCAA and EA Sports for violating antitrust law, it became a rallying cry for current and former college athletes—You no longer have to sacrifice your identity to be a college athlete!

Name, Image, and Likeness Laws and Compensation for College Athletes

New laws allow college athletes to profit from the use of their identity in ways they never could before. But how do these opportunities benefit you, the athlete?

  • Fewer than two percent of college athletes enter the professional sports field. For many elite athletes, this may be your one chance to benefit financially from your talents.
  • What you learn from personal brand promotion transfers into skills you can use in any career field, including public relations, business management, and law.
  • Players are more likely to stay in school if they are not worried about paying additional living costs or supporting themselves or their families. Until now, the rigors of training may have made earning extra money in traditional ways almost impossible.
  • By having full control over your name, image and likeness, you get paid anytime your identity is used in video games or on merchandise.
  • Player appearances and autograph signings bring you up close and personal with your fans, getting more bodies in the seats at your home games.
  • It creates a mutually beneficial partnership for you and your university. Joint-licensing agreements for jersey and merchandise sales don’t cost your school a cent, but puts money in both of your hands.

You’ve sacrificed everything to get this point in your athletic career. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your current and future earnings to hold on to it. Let the marketing and legal team at the Maguire Law Firm create a publicity campaign to promote your brand and a risk management plan to protect it.