Legal & Marketing Service for College Athletes

Turning Name, Image, and Likeness Law Into a Profitable Marketing Strategy

Services for elite athletes in high school and college

For too long, colleges have profited at the expense of their athletes’ financial and physical health. But recent legal developments, especially in regards to name, image, likeness, are changing the game, giving elite athletes like you the chance to capitalize on your abilities!

Just as music students give lessons in their free time and graphic design majors build websites from the comfort of their dorm rooms, college athletes can finally make money using the talents they have worked so hard to build—and finally afford all those extra costs not covered by your scholarship.

As former Division 1 players themselves, the team at the Maguire Law Firm has been following name, image and likeness developments very closely and can find those promotional opportunities that boost your brand including:

We also offer Data Collection and Baseline Performance Testing and Catastrophic Injury Insurance to cover all your bases in the event an injury stands in your way of performing.
When colleges are spending millions of dollars made off the backs of their players on new stadiums, coaches’ salaries and administrative costs, it is only right that athletes have the chance to earn a piece of the pie. At the Maguire Law Firm, we’re here to help you make the most of your college career and set the foundation for a secure financial future. Contact us and let us build a comprehensive marketing program for you.