Legal & Compliance Services
for College Athletes

Contract Review

Hire an attorney to represent you in your NIL deal. Do NOT enter a legal relationship with a company without having an attorney review your contract.

Don’t let the informality of technology make you vulnerable in any NIL agreement. With the help of an NIL attorney, an athlete should know exactly:

What they are committing themselves to by signing a contract;

What rights they have under the contract, and specifically what rights they have if their season is cancelled or shortened, or if they are injured or otherwise unable to perform;

What compensation, and other benefits, they are entitled to under the terms of the contract.

Who has rights to use the athlete’s NIL and the conditions surrounding such use. 

Athletes should not rely on athletic department staff or other university employees to protect them in NIL agreements. While many NIL-related services are offered through athletic departments, legal services for NIL cannot be offered to athletes by their universities. Professional services providers for athletes are not employed by, or affiliated with, athletes’ universities. Maguire Law Firm works directly for athletes in preparing and reviewing legal documents for NIL agreements. 

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